Meet your Guides!

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For over 25 years, Damini Celebre M.Ac. L.Ac., Dipl. Ac, BFA, has held space for thousands of people to come back to health, harmony and empowerment. She is now bringing her gifts to the virtual realm. No matter where you are, you can study with Damini in the comfort of your own home.

What inspired Damini...
Her mother’s illness. In the early 1990’s, Damini’s mother was plagued by back pain that hospitalized her over and over again. Drugs only knocked her out, but didn’t change the pain. Damini felt helpless by not having any tools to help her mother. Then, one day, a nurse treated her mother with reflexology and her mother's pain diminished. The following week, Damini found herself sitting in a class learning reflexology. This awakened a calling — to heal. One thing lead to the next, and before she knew it, Damini was no longer helpless but had many, many skills, not only to relieve physical pain, but mental and emotional pain as well. Since then, it has been her quest to share and teach the many ways to empower individuals to reclaim their inner healing skills that are gifted to each and every one of us.

Having a guide that keeps inviting you to look inward and reclaim your power is what being a healer and teacher is all about for Damini. For over 25 years Damini has brought love, devotion, and life-changing presence to people seeking to reclaim their ExtraOrdinary selves.


For 25 years, Anna Marie has been a compassionate and loving teacher for people who are on the path to becoming their ExtraOrdinary selves. Being a guide for individuals who are traveling along their healing journey is Anna Marie’s calling.

What inspired Anna Marie...
Since childhood, Anna Marie has always been curious about, and drawn toward, spirituality. She remembers looking up from a Dr. Seuss book and asking “Mommy, where’s our soul?” As a young child, she would find things that were lost by simply picturing them in her mind. As a teenager, she shared a premonition dream with a friend, who warned her not to talk about intuition or premonitions out loud, because most people would be scared or think it was too weird. Up to that moment, Anna Marie thought everybody used their intuition daily — that it was a natural way of life. That awakening moment cemented a need in Anna Marie to understand the hows and whys of intuition — to learn the science behind it.

Anna Marie received a Master’s degree in physical therapy, which involved logical problem-solving and teaching people how to overcome their pain. Her gift of empathy helped her work with people who didn’t have the ability to verbally communicate. Anna Marie explains, “Somehow, we simply ‘got’ each other.“

Anna Marie’s experiences formed her philosophy. People don’t want pain, they want to be better, to be whole. They simply need the right guidance to learn what to do to help themselves.  Anna Marie has great respect for, and honors, those people who commit to making their lives better.