Energy First Aid Workshop Format

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The healing journey is really the journey from the head to the heart, from inward to outward. We already have everything we need within us — we simply need to remember. Reclaim your energy!

Healing happens when we reconnect, remember, and own all our gifts, strengths and innate power to heal ourselves and become extraordinary.

  • This Energy First Aid program teaches you to understand, explore and manage your energy.
  • Offered online for one month — with unlimited access to all classes.

October 1st through 23rd, 2018

During this one-month workshop, you will find these resources in your mailbox each Tuesday morning:

  • A short introduction video to the week’s topic.
  • A weekly class offering, in audio and/or PDF format, including exercises designed for you to experience the week’s topic.

Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways, alone or in groups: 

  • You can work with the exercises as often or as little as you want.
  • You can explore the exercises alone or in our private Energizing You! community.
  • You can participate in a live check-in call with Energy Guides, Damini Celebre and Anna Marie Noble every Monday night at (8pm Eastern)